Mardi Gras Bead Extravaganza

inset-mardigrasThe Arc of Acadiana hosts an annual bead drive to collect used Mardi Gras beads to re-stock our inventory of beads, which are then sold at our 21 gift and Resale Stores around Louisiana for tossing off floats.

Collected beads are detangled, sorted, repackaged and sold at very affordable prices, providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the process. We are looking to bring this event to all of the markets we serve.

If you will be throwing beads from a float, please consider visiting one of our Resale Stores for the Mardi Gras holiday to purchase your beads. You will be able to get all the beads you need at a great price, while making a positive impact on someone’s life!

12-137-1029-Arc-Bead-Web-300x250-02Drop off beads February 22nd  – March 29th at the following locations:

  • Service Chevrolet Cadillac
  • Hub City Ford
  • Moss Motors Honda BMW Mercedez-Benz
  • Acadiana Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Mazda
  • Courtesy Buick GMC
  • Courtesy Lincoln
  • Giles Nissan Volvo Subaru
  • Southwest Volkswagen
  • Hampton Toyota Mitsubishi
  • Sterling Hyundai
  • Sterling KIA
  • Infiniti of Lafayette