Employment Services

Developmental Disabilities Jobs for Acadiana 

The Arc of Acadiana is committed to helping our clients gain self-sufficiency and achieve a sense of self-worth and confidence through placement in jobs throughout the community and our organization.

There is no greater foundation for actualizing self-worth or developing confidence than to fulfill a job responsibility, and do it well.

Arc of Acadiana takes pride in running small business enterprises to provide those with developmental disabilities jobs in our gift shop, re-sale stores, nursery, and other ventures that support meaningful training and employment opportunities for our clients. We also build relationships with local business owners and managers to increase opportunities for individuals with disabilities to pursue a variety of contractual employment services with local businesses.

We are always looking for new business partners – click here if you are a business interested in more information, or contact us to see how we might be of service to you!

We are happy to provide the necessary vocational training to accommodate new services requested by a business if they are within the scope of our clientele’s ability.

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