Residential Services

Community Group Homes for Those With Developmental Disabilities

Arc of Acadiana offers Residential Services to help clients learn the joys and responsibilities of independent living, in order to become good neighbors, friends and active members of the community.

Arc of Acadiana Residential Services operates 19 community homes for individuals with developmental disabilities who want to explore self-sufficient and independent living. We encourage and support residents as they learn to embrace the privileges and responsibilities of community life. Our clients and their families are guided by experienced, compassionate staff members, who understand the challenges faced by developmentally disabled individuals learning to live independently.

There are many opportunities for learning and growth in our residential programs, and loving family members can rest assured that while clients are discovering a new level of independence, they are provided the necessary support, guidance, supervision, training, and assistance they need to be safe, healthy and happy in our community homes. We offer assistance for:

  • Transportation
  • Money Management
  • Counseling
  • Medical Assistance
  • Social Activities
  • And More

Please contact us to learn more about our community homes and the support they provide. Click here to see what programs are available in your area.