Arc of Acadiana is currently accepting new clients who are receiving Long Term Personal Care Services (LT-PCS) through the state of Louisiana.

Read on to learn more about the excellent care Arc of Acadiana provides and how this service enhances each person’s quality of life.

Our Clients’ Needs Come First

Arc of Acadiana will provide you with a sense of inclusion and our professional, family-oriented team puts our clients first.


We provide in-home tasks – such as cleaning, cooking, bathing, and laundering, as well as transportation to and from doctors appointments, grocery shopping and gentle reminders to take medications.

Arc of Acadiana’s PCS Program enhances the quality of life of each person receiving services by meeting each person’s individual needs.

Hear from our team

Chelsea Guidry (QIDP) says,

“The best part about providing LT-PCS is that we are able to help someone who genuinely needs the assistance in the comfort of their own home. We’re helping a population that may have an unexpected medical or physical diagnosis at a later time in life.”

Stephanie LeBlanc (Director of Waiver Services) explains,

“Being able to provide LT-PCS services throughout our region adds diversity to our programs. Arc of Acadiana treats all consumers the same regardless of the type of services one receives. We are able to give family a sense of relief as we provide the daily care to their loved ones.”

Madreeka Etienne (QIDP) says,

“Providing LT-PCS helps take the responsibility off of the family members when many are not able to care for their loved ones. The quality of staff that Arc of Acadiana provides as well as our presence in the home gives the consumer assurance that we care about their health and safety.”