Often, employers seek young, malleable minds that they can train to fulfill positions in their organizations. But here at Arc of Acadiana, we are seeking older and mature people looking to spend the latter part of their career making a huge impact on those around them.

A Fulfilling Career

The roles we are currently looking to fill would suit someone 50 years of age or older that is really looking for a fulfilling career.

We are currently seeking those that look to this type of work as a job that they not only CAN do, but WANT to wake up each and every morning to do!

What Does The Position Require?

While every client’s care varies, some of the common Personal Care / Direct Support responsibilities include:


Assisting clients with daily needs such as eating, grocery shopping, dressing, and possibly bathing. Helping our clients to live in a safe healthy clean environment.


Teaching clients functional daily living, working, and social skills. Completing data sheets to show daily progress of client and support provided.


May require accompanying client to community events or doctors appointments. Assisting clients with administering medication.


Compassion, positive attitude, and being a team player.

Ability to train and communicate effectively.

Ability to bend, stoop, carry, and lift light to moderate items.

Commitment to excellent client care and interest in being a positive role model for all clients.

What types of employment are available?

We are currently offering several options for these roles, including:




Want To Learn More?

If you, or someone you know is greater than 50 years old, and looking for a fulfilling career that has a tremendous impact on those we serve, with excellent employee benefits…

Click HERE or call our central office and ask for Human Resources at 337.367.6813

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