Arc of Acadiana has such a dedicated team. We have loved introducing you to some of our team members and today we will introduce you to our Quality Assurance Director: Natalie Mouton.

Meet Quality Assurance Director: Natalie Mouton

Natalie began her career with Arc of Acadiana on Feb. 21, 1984. She previously worked for the State of Louisiana as an eligibility determination worker after graduating from USL and was hired as a Direct Support Worker for Arc of Acadiana’s New Iberia Day Program.


Since 1984, Natalie has fulfilled several roles including QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional), Program Manager for New Iberia and Lafayette Day Programs, Human Resources department as a trainer and handled workers compensation and safety. Her present role is Quality Assurance Director.  


Natalie graduated from University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science Degree.


Natalie is extremely passionate about the work that she does on a daily basis as she continues to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities at Arc of Acadiana. She loves having the opportunity to work directly with Arc of Acadiana clients, as well as the dedicated staff at Arc of Acadiana.


Natalie and her husband Dennis live in Erath, Louisiana.  They have two children, Leslie and Dennis Carl, who are Natalie’s “best friends.” Natalie also enjoys 6 wonderful grandchildren: Isabel, Isaac, Andre, Nate, Ian and Allie Grace, who are “the joys of her life.

When Natalie is not working she enjoys spending time with her family traveling, supporting her grandchildren in various sporting events, swimming and camping. She also enjoys spending time with her parents, playing the piano, reading, and enjoying what life has to offer each and every day. 


Natalie has been employed with Arc of Acadiana for 36 + years where she has been involved in all programs providing  supports to all of the Managers/Directors.  It has been a privilege for Natalie to work alongside an extremely dedicated and professional team.  Natalie believes that while everyone is individually strong on Arc of Acadiana’s team, “we are collectively powerful.”

Natalie says that she has been driven and supported to perform her best by two great leaders at Arc of Acadiana,  Kenny Patton – CEO, and Cindy LeLeux – COO.  She notes that Kenny and Cindy both lead by example.   “They promote the mission of Arc of Acadiana on a daily basis and ensure that our number one goal is to provide the best possible services to all people we support. 


Natalie believes that open communication is the best way to directly connect with others and that it is the key to building effective relationships at every level.   


“On February 21, 1984, I began an amazing journey, taking a new career path joining Arc of Acadiana.  Every day feels like the very first day that I started.  My attitude towards my job and my key to longevity is simply described as, “ If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life”. I am truly blessed. I’ve had has so many opportunities and accomplishments, both personally and professionally. I hope to continue my employment with Arc for a very long time. Arc is my home. It is my life.”


“Natalie Mouton has been serving Arc of Acadiana and our clients for over 35 years. She first started out in our infant program and eventually worked her way into every aspect of our organization. Her love and dedication to the clients we serve never waivers. It has been my pleasure to work alongside Natalie for all these years.”

Kenny Patton, CEO


“It has been my sincere pleasure and extreme privilege to work closely with Natalie for more than 25 years.  To define Natalie’s commitment, compassion, drive, love, and total devotion to our clients and Arc of Acadiana’s mission, are nothing less than exceptional, and that almost seems like an understatement!  This wonderful lady lives and breathes Arc of Acadiana and would do anything necessary to help care for and support our clients and staff at any time in any way.  I have learned so much from Natalie over the years and consider her a true partner.  I truly value her opinion and the contributions she makes every day. She always strives to make our organization and the services we provide better. Arc of Acadiana would not be as successful without her hard work, dedication, and influence over these 36+ years. THANK YOU, Natalie, for the person you are and for everything you do for everyone every single day!  We are so very fortunate to have you as one of our most dedicated and celebrated leaders at Arc of Acadiana!”

Cindy Leleux, COO

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