During this crisis, we want to point out our real heroes – DSP workers! Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing opportunities for all people with disabilities to grow, engage and really live life to the fullest and this could not be done without DSPs. 

During this pandemic we ask a lot from our direct support professionals. And they deliver! Just like other healthcare workers, DSPs continue to work and provide care.

Direct Support Personnel

DSPs (Direct Support Personnel) play a fundamental role in Arc of Acadiana and in the lives of people with disabilities.  

Our Mission

Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing for all people with disabilities the opportunity to develop, participate and live life to their fullest potential.

Without our DSPs, this mission could not be accomplished.

DSPs are Vital 

DSPs become friends, like family, helpers, nurses, coaches, and everything in between. They hold such a special place in the lives of the people that they work with, that sometimes they forget it is even a job.

They step up and provide care at all of the right times. Sometimes, they may think their work goes unnoticed. But it does not! This is why we want to acknowledge their work at this time.

Now in the middle of a 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, our DSPs continue to show up and serve for the people in our community. People who need it the most. 

Thank you DSP workers!

Thank you for protecting our citizens who  need it the most. We salute you!


Arc of Acadiana serves North and South Louisiana by providing Residential Group Home Services; Supported Living & In-home Waiver Service Programs; Adult Day Programs and Supported Employment for people with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities.

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