We have previously outlined the basics of why you should be attend The Arc’s 14th annual charity Golf Classic already. But maybe you aren’t a golfer or maybe you need more reasons why you should be involved this year?
Well, here we are to offer you more reasons!

Most importantly, you are directly influencing the outcome of life for your fellow man. When supporting this event, you’re helping friends, relatives and neighbors within our community fulfill their human dignity.

To work, to pursue happiness, to enjoy a round of golf with friends; these are everyday opportunities we easily take for granted. For some, these basic human functions can take a lifetime of work. Together, we can make this happen sooner. 

Why else should you attend The Arc’s Classic?


More of your money can go to a cause right here in our community rather than to Uncle Sam.


Working as a team for the disabled (particularly, as a family or staff) results in stronger relationships, clearer communication, unified thinking, and refreshing positivity, all which easily transfer into the home and workplace. 


Your business will become associated with The Arc’s mission. Because placing someone else’s cause above your own is characteristic of trustworthiness, supporting our cause will attract noble clientele.

Further, customers appreciate a business which is socially responsible. In essence, supporting this event may very well aide your business’s acquisition of loyal customers. 


This event is an opportunity for you to build relationships with companies and persons with varied backgrounds within our community. Hence, our Classic offers opportunities to build new bridges with other companies. 

The Arc of Acadiana’s 
14th Annual Charity Golf Classic: 
where philanthropy, friendship, and fun make a hole-in-one!

Let’s enhance our community together! 
See you on the green!