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Why Arc of Acadiana

All set within a relaxed and nurturing environment, we offer Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) a great place to do the rewarding work you love in Bossier City. From great employee benefits and flexible hours to a work atmosphere built on fun and compassion, it’s no wonder why so many of our staff members choose to make lifelong careers at Arc of Acadiana. Keep scrolling to learn about our openings and see why staff members choose to make a long-term career here.

Our Benefits

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Paid Time Off*
  • Major Medical Insurance*
  • Supplemental Insurance Benefits*
  • Tuition Reimbursement* (Full-Time Employees)
  • Qualified 401(k) Plan*
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • $50 Bonus for 10+ Hour Night Shifts**

*Benefits are earned after eligibility requirements are met. Learn more.

**See bonus parameters at the bottom of the page.

Positions Fit for You

Full-TIme LPN

Relaxed Environment | Consistent Scheduling| Great Benefits

If you’re searching for a place to grow your career all while having a set schedule that’s reliable for planning personal time off, our full-time LPN positions deliver just that. We ensure lower caseloads to improve care and offer a residential space that is less hectic than the typical hospital or care facility. Plus, you’ll enjoy a loaded benefits package, consistent time off and a $50 bonus** for every night shift worked.

Part-Time LPN

Flexibility | Consistent Scheduling | Lighter Case Loads

If you’re looking to supplement your workweek with a job that offers the predictability of a consistent schedule paired with a lighter case load compared to most hospitals and care facilities, this role might be perfect for you. Our part-time LPNs enjoy a relaxed work environment, select benefits and $50 bonuses** for every night shift worked.


Convenience | Work As Needed | Low Commitment

Are your workdays already full, but you would like to pick up extra shifts when you can without committing to continued employment? If this sounds like you, our PRN LPN positions are available to supplement your income when you need it without signing up for a full or part-time schedule. Like our other LPN positions, PRN LPNs also enjoy lighter case loads in a calm environment and receive a $50 bonus** for every night shift worked.

What Our Employees Are Saying

There are so many things I absolutely love about working for Arc of Acadiana. Teamwork between departments makes the job easier. Plus, the resident to staff ratio is not overwhelming and the direct care staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Latoya Jackson

LPN at Arc of Acadiana since 2013

Over the years, working at Arc of Acadiana and seeing the smiles on the residents’ faces is the most rewarding part of my nursing career.

Latoya Jackson

LPN at Arc of Acadiana since 2013

I love the fact that we are actually valued as LPNs and not looked at as just an employee.

Roberto Hernandez

LPN at Arc of Acadiana since 2016

The workload here is not as overwhelming compared to some of the nursing homes here in the area. It makes your job so much easier and less stressful

Ke’Erica Taylor

LPN at Arc of Acadiana since 2018

Arc of Acadiana is a great place to work and a great place for new grads!

Ke’Erica Taylor

LPN at Arc of Acadiana since 2018

Arc nurses don’t have the added responsibility of supervising staff and DSPs here. It makes your job as the nurse so much better to provide the care that residents need without additional stress.

Ke’Erica Taylor

LPN at Arc of Acadiana since 2018

Bonus Parameters

1) Additional $50.00 bonus will be awarded when an overnight (7p-7a) 10+ hour shift is worked (PRN and FT LPNs). Will not apply to any shifts under 10 full hours or to scheduled PT shifts. Nurses may not work more than 16 hours straight. Shift/hours must be needed per the schedule. Bonus will not be awarded if nurse calls in on any other scheduled shifts during the same week (unless extraordinary circumstance occurs – DON and Director will discuss.) 2) Limit to 2 LPNs on duty during night hours. First 2 nurses to sign up will be eligible for the bonus. If a full-time employee is already scheduled, only one bonus will be paid out. Third nurse may work, but may not be needed for full shift and will not be eligible for bonus. 3) Additional money will end if/when: a. 3 FT night LPNs are hired/trained, b. At the discretion of Director. 4) DON has authority to make changes to the schedule, which may affect bonus, as needed to ensure adequate coverage. DON and Director will discuss any issues that affect the bonus. 5) Bonus will be added to payroll/paychecks.