About Arc of Acadiana

Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing for all people with disabilities the opportunity to develop, participate, and live life to their fullest potential.

Message from CEO

“Our shared mission to create an inclusive and empowering environment for all individuals is not just a goal but a lifelong commitment. I firmly believe that the key to achieving this begins with a hands-on leadership approach, working closely with our dedicated team. Together, we will continue to drive our mission forward, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.” 

-Cindy Leleux, Chief Executive Officer

Serving Acadiana Since 1954

At Arc of Acadiana, caring for people with disabilities isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are. For 70 years, our team has been devoted to improving the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. We respect all individuals with their unique capabilities, allowing them to feel accepted and able to contribute fully to their community.

The work we do takes a network of helpers. Working closely with volunteers, educators and professionals on the local, state and national levels, we’re able to deliver the best support possible to each and every participant who calls Arc home. Above all, we run our organization with the idea that all people — regardless of their ability — deserve to live life to their fullest potential. And we’ll be there to help them every step of the way.

Our Mission

Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing for all people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to develop, participate and live life to their fullest potential.

Our Philosophy

People with developmental disabilities have the right to live, work and participate in the least restrictive environment possible and deserve professional training and support services that enable them to make responsible, informed choices, and to live the life they choose.

Core Values


We believe the wellbeing and happiness of our participants is essential to our work and should always be top of mind.

Quality Care

We believe that ensuring the highest standard of care for each participant is vital to the success of our overall mission.


We believe we can achieve much more for our participants, our loved ones and ourselves when we choose to work together.


We believe that the best results always begin with honesty, hard work and staying committed to doing the right thing.


We believe that everyone in our community deserves respect and dignity, regardless of their physical fitness or cognitive ability.

The Work We Do

Improving someone’s quality of life means providing support in areas that are important to their health and wellbeing. From daily care and at-home help to employment opportunities, recreational activities, community building and more, our services are designed to help people with developmental disabilities find the resources they need to succeed financially, socially and emotionally.


What type of programs and activities are available at Arc of Acadiana?

Arc of Acadiana provides care for individuals ranging from 18 years of age to 100. The programs available are built to achieve our mission of securing for all people with disabilities the opportunity to develop, participate, and live life to their fullest potential.

Please click here to learn about the many programs available to you, your family member or loved one.

Are you affiliated with LARC or Arc of St. Martin?

 No, we are not. We have locations in New Iberia, Lafayette, Grand Coteau, Eunice, Opelousas, Rayne, Erath, Abbeville, and Bossier City.

How many Arc's are there in the United States?

The Arc organization is established in 39 states, and we have 730 local chapters across the Unites States.

When was Arc of Acadiana founded?

Arc of Acadiana was founded in 1954.

Who oversees and manages the overall wellbeing of the clients at Arc of Acadiana and who would I speak to regarding any questions or concerns about my family member or loved one?

If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to communicate your needs is through the Director/Manager of each program or the QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional) assigned to you, your family member or loved one.

  • Angela Clymer-Norris, Director of Day Programs – (337)364-7215, Ext. 1801
  • Kennisha Paul, Program Manager – New Iberia Day Program – (337)364-7215, Ext. 1804
  • Shantell Thomas, Program Manager – St. Landry Day Program – (337)886-5451, Ext. 1603
  • Chelsea Guidry, Program Manager – Lafayette Day Program and Waiver Services – (337)234-7254, Ext. 1206
  • Natalie Mouton, Program Manager – Vermilion Day Program – (337)937-6113, Ext. 1121
  • Stephanie Leblanc or Angela Huynh, Director of Waiver Services including Individual and Family Support, Long-term Personal Care, and Older Adult Services – (337)367-6814, Ext. 1028 or 1019
  • Brandi Stutes, Director of South Louisiana Residential – (337)367-6813, Ext. 1005
  • April Lee, Director of Northwest Residential – (318)741-5200, Ext. 1401 
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