Community Group Homes

Housing Options for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Arc of Acadiana provides 11 community group homes to help participants learn the joys and responsibilities of independent living. 

Our participants and their families are guided by experienced, compassionate staff members who understand the challenges faced by individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Individual and Family Support Example

Residential Services

Family members can rest assured that, while participants are discovering a new level of independence, they are provided the necessary support, guidance, supervision, training and assistance needed to be safe, healthy and happy. We offer assistance for:

  • Transportation
  • Medical Assistance
  • Counseling
  • Money Management
  • Social Activities
  • And More

Our Facilities

We have 11 group home facilities across Acadiana and Northwest Louisiana. Group home Residents enjoy their own living spaces, along with communal group recreational spaces, a kitchen, large outdoor space and additional amenities.

    Why Arc of Acadiana?

    Cultivating Community

    While your loved one learns the joys of independent living, they’re also discovering what it takes to be good neighbors, friends and active members of their community.

    Seasoned Professionals

    Our participants and their families are guided by experienced, compassionate staff members who understand the challenges faced by individuals with developmental disabilities.

    A History of Care

    With over 65 years in Acadiana, our team is devoted to improving the quality of life for you and your loved one.

    What to Expect

    Interested in Arc of Acadiana’s community group homes for adults with disabilities? Learn more about what you and your loved one can expect from our program here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are your facilities located?

    Arc of Acadiana offers 11 group homes across Acadiana and Northwest Louisiana, including Lafayette, New Iberia, Rayne and Bossier City. Please reach out to us for more information on locations and availability.

    What do daily activities look like?

    Arc of Acadiana’s community group homes provide individuals with meaningful activities that emphasize socialization and community involvement. We offer a wide range of creative and recreational opportunities that include art, music, gardening, and volunteering in the community. In addition, our group home participants learn life skills such as money management, basic housework and cooking. We are committed to helping our participants improve their quality of life in a healthy environment that contributes to growth, happiness, and self-sufficiency.  

    How do you work with families to build a customized learning plan?

    As part of our onboarding process, we conduct an assessment of needs with the client and family members to get an understanding of the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. During this time, we work closely with both the client and their loved ones to build out a customized learning plan that everyone agrees on. Once an individual is fully integrated into Arc of Acadiana, our team will provide families with updates on their progress, as well as an annual review to update the plan and implement new objectives.

    What is your visitation policy?

    Our group homes have an open-door visitation policy, which permits registered family members to visit their loved ones as often as possible. To register individuals as approved visitors, kindly speak to your onboarding team. Additionally, if you wish to take your loved one on an outing or vacation that extends beyond 24 hours, our residents are eligible for up to 45 days of leave from the home.

    What criteria do you have to meet to live at the Bossier City facility?

    You must be diagnosed with an intellectual disability and have significant medical issues that require daily nursing care.

    Get In Touch

    If you are interested in learning more about our community group homes and residential services, we would love to hear from you! Contact us today at the form below and a member of our team will get back to you soon.

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