Employment Programs for Disabled Adults

Employment Services

Connecting our clients to jobs is an essential part of the work we do. As part of our day program, our clients with developmental disabilities learn valuable life skills and are connected to a variety of employment opportunities.

Resale Stores & Donation Centers

Our clients are trained in retail business operations and functions and have the opportunity for employment at one of our seven Resale Stores and Donation Centers. Daily tasks at these locations include handling transactions, accepting and sorting gently used clothing and maintaining a clean sales floor.


Save on disposal costs with our recycling services, including newspaper, paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum cans. Our employees also run a successful Mardi Gras bead recycling program. Pick up is available at your home or business.

Person Working in Retail Location
Excited Person

Employment Services

Rags for Construction & Oil Industries

Individuals employed at our rag distribution centers are trained in performing monetary transactions and customer relations. Our employees sell white and colored rags for painting, oil field applications and automotive use and help us provide shipping and delivery within our service area.

Janitorial Services

Our janitorial employees are trained in providing sanitary and organized working and living environments for Acadiana businesses and individuals.


Individuals employed with our vending services help install and maintain vending machines at local schools and businesses.

Survey Stakes for Contractors & Engineers

Our employees deliver wooden survey stakes to places of business within our service area for use at construction and survey sites.

 Does Your Business Need Help?

The Arc of Acadiana actively pursues relationships with companies and individuals in the community to provide a variety of job opportunities for developmentally disabled workers. Our clients are best suited for assembly-type, rote jobs and tasks, such as stuffing envelopes, rolling silverware, shredding papers or other jobs of this nature. However, we are happy to provide custom training for new jobs that fall within their capabilities as well.

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