During these controversial times amidst COVID-19 and economic instability, Arc of Acadiana has noticed the power that community can bring to the workplace and our surroundings based on the impact and environment of our resale stores.

Watching our own small Arc of Acadiana society, along with some of our pillar contributors, come together to get our stores back to operating normally has really shed light on the power of people coming together.

Keep reading to get our perspective on how coming together with other like-minded folks in the community can help calm the calamity and bring forth more peace and community in our local societies.

More Than Just A Resale Store

Through these times, we have noticed that our local Arc of Acadiana resale stores are worth way more than simply a place to shop.

They have been a place that also brings our local Acadiana community together.

Improving The Lives Of Others Through Purpose and Relevance

While gearing up to open our stores, we saw how simply giving others purpose and relevance to something greater than themselves is truly powerful.

Receiving the “green light” to open the stores back up following the COVID-19 quarantine really offered new motivation to our team to help improve lives and build excitement around getting to see people again.

Creating Community Amidst Chaos

Finding or building community isn’t always about popularity or spontaneity, it is often a slow, gradual process that you aren’t even aware you are creating.

Our community, much like many others that are thriving during these uncertain times, is something that we have nurtured and fostered through sharing the same servant perspective and giving mindset as our local heroes and teammates. 


While building and participating in a community can seem like a massive or enduring concept, simply coming together to serve a purpose greater than each individual is what the core of “community” is all about.

And at Arc of Acadiana, our team is responsible for the successful operation of our resale stores and exhibiting the power of the shared purpose of building community before our very eyes.

We are so proud to be a part of giving back to the community and are excited to see what our team is capable of accomplishing as we continue to lean on one another and serve our surrounding Acadiana area. 

Helping Others Find Their Purpose

Arc of Acadiana and our resale stores value the people and customers we have the privilege of serving while bringing everyone together safely.

We ask that you join our mission by shopping in our stores and by donating to support our cause. We want you to share our passion of serving others and we ask that you encourage others to participate as well!


When it functions properly, a community can be a really powerful way for people to feel accepted and validated.

When the right mindset is present, communities can act as a great social blanket and allow people to meet others they might never have met otherwise and hear alternative viewpoints. 

No matter how big or small, a community can have a positive impact on your life and at the Arc of Acadiana we are a part of this positive impact! 

Click below to learn more about how you can participate in our great cause and our Arc of Acadiana community!